11 Incredible Things to Do at the New Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier just opened last weekend at Disney California Adventure Park, offering incredible fun and more adventure for guests at the Disneyland Resort. This playful, newly reimagined land features exciting themed attractions, entertainment, food and more, celebrating our favorite Pixar characters and stories. For guests exploring Pixar Pier, here are 11 things that will make every visit incredible.

1. Race with the Parr family on Incredicoaster, the new high-speed adventure at Pixar Pier: On this super-fast attraction (the fastest at the Disneyland Resort), guests are launched alongside the Incredibles on a mission to chase after the elusive baby Jack-Jack. Exciting character figures, special effects, lighting, new music and distinctively colored vehicles make the thrills on this coaster even more incredible.

2. Explore the whimsical neighborhoods of Pixar Pier: The Pixar stories that guests have come to know and love are presented through themed neighborhoods along the boardwalk of Pixar Pier, where guests will encounter some of their favorite Pixar characters. Guests join a celebration in honor of the Parr family in Incredibles Park, shrink down to the size of a toy in the Toy Story Boardwalk, and tour the charming seaside Pixar Promenade, celebrating all the heartwarming stories and characters from Pixar films. The fourth neighborhood, Inside Out Headquarters, will feature a new family-friendly attraction, Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, opening in 2019.

3.Dine at Lamplight Lounge, enjoying the stylish décor and California casual gastro-pub cuisine: The new restaurant welcomes the entire family with playfully presented food, unique signature cocktails and décor that celebrates the creativity, inspirations and personalities of the artists and storytellers who have brought Pixar films to life. The Disneyland Resort culinary team has also developed delicious new menu items such as the carne asada roll with roasted Fresno chili salsa, potato skins with brown butter-caper yogurt, and – for the budding artists – a creamy PB&J roll served with a flowerpot full of veggies, hummus and fresh fruit.

4. Test your skills at the Games of Pixar Pier: Four colorful and whimsical pay-per-play game booths offer guests the chance to win adorable Pixar prizes of all sizes. The nostalgic midway area includes the return of Bullseye Stallion Stampede along with three new games – La Luna Star Catcher, WALL•E Space Race, and Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss ­– that provide fun for the entire family under festive awning canopies decorated with blinking carnival lights.

5. Take a spin on the Pixar Pal-A-Round: The focal point of Pixar Promenade, the Pixar Pal-A-Round celebrates the stories and friendships from many Pixar films. Each of the 24 gondolas on the Pal-A-Round features a different Pixar pal and offers breathtaking views of Pixar Pier.

6. Taste new eats and treats inspired by Pixar characters and films: New food offerings inspired by Pixar feature films and short films can be found throughout Pixar Pier, including:

  • Poultry Palace – serving tasty chicken drumsticks and turkey legs
  • Señor Buzz Churros – serving both “caliente” and regular churros
  • Angry Dogs –serving spicy and not-so-spicy hot dogs
  • Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums – serving freshly-baked cookies
  • Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats –serving lemon, chocolate, and vanilla soft serve treats as well as the Pixar Pier Frozen Parfait


7. Encounter favorite Pixar Pals: Stroll around the various neighborhoods of Pixar Pier to meet many favorite Pixar characters including Edna Mode, Frozone, Russell and Dug and more!

8. Dance and sing along to the zany tunes of TripleDent Gum presents The Pixarmonic Orchestra: The seven-piece band will perform at the Pixar Pier bandshell with a fun, upbeat musical style that fits the Pixar tunes perfectly. The group performs a repertoire of songs using traditional instruments, as well as unconventional music makers such as cowbells, kazoos, duck calls, sirens and slide whistles.

9. Rediscover the popular Toy Story Midway Mania!: Potato Head welcomes guests as they become honorary toys and compete in target-themed games hosted by friends from the Toy Story movies. Guests try to hit secret targets to unleash “Easter eggs”—new and exciting game targets worth even more points.

10. Strike a pose at the new Pixar Pier marquee, Boardwalk billboards or the Pixar Promenade fountain: From the moment guests enter the land through the dazzling Pixar Pier marquee, they encounter picturesque locations that include scenic billboards, a kugel fountain inspired by the iconic Pixar ball, and views of the shimmering shores of Paradise Bay.

11. Check out Pixar-themed merchandise and treats: As the primary destination at Pixar Pier for Pixar artistry, trinkets and knick knacks – of course ­­­–­ Knick’s Knacks offers new and limited-edition Pixar merchandise. Guests at this retail location also have the unique opportunity to purchase special Pixar art or take home a character sketch created by an on-location artist. Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff will open in late summer 2018, offering fun frozen beverages and delightful confections, including saltwater taffy and rainbow cotton candy.

Bonus: Jessie’s Critter Carousel-Another attraction opening in 2019 is Jessie’s Critter Carousel. Inspired by Jessie’s wilderness friends featured in the Woody’s Roundup television show from Toy Story 2 Jessie’s Critter Carousel is a classic Boardwalk carousel play set with a whimsical spin from those colorful Pixar characters. Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl invites guests to saddle up on one of her adorable critters for a rootin tootin spin!

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My name is Sara Solberg and I live in Alaska with my husband and 3 children. We love traveling, especially to Disney destinations! I am a Travel Agent and LuLaRoe fashion retailer.

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