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Our story begins on September 1st, 2011 while living in Cape Coral Florida. The financial struggles were hard since David had been laid off work a year prior and was having a hard time finding a new job. Together Ivon and David worked as subcontractors from home doing customer service work through an outsourcing company that worked with many Fortune 500 companies, but it simply wasn’t enough. To stretch their dollar, Ivon took up couponing and seeing the financial help that it brought to the family, she wanted to share it with other families that might have been struggling in the same situation, so she created her 1st blog, Diclajia’s Daily Deals. (Diclajia was an invented name thought up by David’s youngest daughter Jessica comprising of the 8 family members from oldest to youngest)

Anyhow, the blog was doing good for a while, but then coupon values dropped and grocery stores changed their coupon policies and new digital apps were becoming more popular. At the time Ivon started to see her blog going in a different direction.

Ivon has always been a die-hard Disney Fan. Growing up in Miami Florida and her Father taking the family to Disney World every year, it was easy for her to have a connection with ‘the Mouse’, so she decided to change her blog to a Disney Fan Site to share with everyone her love of Disney. 

In 2013 Diclajia’s Disney Dreams was created. The blog grew a small following but with so many other bloggers out there with the same niche it was a bit difficult to find their way, but they kept plugging away. Then the big change happened. 

In December 2015 new job opportunities became available for David and 2 of their daughters to work in Central Florida. David and Jessica were embarking on their new careers as Walt Disney World Cast Members, while Ivon’s middle daughter Isabel was going to work at Universal Studios. Exciting times ahead for the Pedraza and Diaz family. This new change brought on a new direction to their blog and now living in Central Florida with so many more vacation destinations to explore and enjoy, the change was made and the Center of Magic was born. They are so excited to be able to share with everyone all that Central Florida has to offer and then some. From the Gulf Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between, they look forward to sharing it all with you. 


Meet the Family:

Hi, I’m Ivon, head writer, and owner of Center of Magic. I am happily married to my wonderful husband David for almost 10+ years and a Mom to 6 beautiful girls (3 biological and 3 steps). I’ve worked as an outsourced Virtual Customer Service representative for many Fortune 500 companies as well a Reservation Cast Member for Disney Dining and Walt Disney World Operator. Now I’m a Mom Blogger and self-employed entrepreneur sharing with everyone all the fun and excitement of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and all the fun from Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Legoland and so much more. I am also a Certified Disney Travel Professional graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and an Independent Sales Representative for Avon in the Orlando area. We recently moved to Central Florida to fulfill a life long dream of living close to ‘the mouse’ and now being so close to all the magic, we wanted to bring our readers a place to get all the insight into events, and activities throughout Central Florida and more.

As Walt would say “If you can Dream it, you can do it“.. ºoº

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