Attention all Dinosaur Fans!!! Jurassic World is LIVE!!!!!

That’s right, Jurassic World is coming to life at an arena near you!

“Your trip to Isla Nublar takes a terrifying turn after the Indominus rex escapes and causes chaos in the park! The adventure continues as you join forces with a team of scientists to unravel a corrupt plan and save Jeanie, an all-new dinosaur, from a terrible fate. Along the way, experience some of Jurassic World’s most iconic dinosaurs including Blue the Raptor, Triceratops, Pteranodons and the mighty T. rex!”

ARE YOU READY TO RETURN TO JURASSIC WORLD? You can find the schedule and tickets by clicking here. Want to see more of what it’s all about? Check out the official trailer to prepare you and your family for the Indominus Rex and T. rex!

Want to see more? I bet you’re getting excited now!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to go, and especially see Blue! She’s my favorite! Do you and your family have plans to go? Tell me about it in the comments!



Wife, mama of 4 and Annual Passholders to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando. My family and I made the move from South Louisiana to Central Florida 3 years ago and never looked back! My children’s ages range from 19 to 5, and the theme parks in the Central Florida area has something for all age groups. We are looking forward to adding Legoland Florida Annual Passes soon!

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