Disney Parks Gets “Frozen” For Summer

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beverage at a Disney park during summer. Well, maybe an ice cold beverage in an Olaf souvenir cup!

Summer is officially in full swing at the Disney Parks, and as part of the summer kick off they have released a new souvenir cup for the occasion. The Olaf cup is featured with a blue raspberry slush, topped with a rich whipped cream, and then drizzled with a berry sauce. The raspberry slush was a perfect blend of sweet and tart. The texture was just icy enough to be refreshing and not melt right away, but liquid enough to be easily slurped up through the straw. You can also get it with the frozen lemonade, (I couldn’t resist the yellow snow jokes when I saw those) iced tea, or any fountain drink.

It is absolutely adorable; Olaf dances on 2 sides while icicles and snow rings adorn the rest of the cup. The cup has a raised swirl lid that snaps shut tightly, and a bendy accordion straw that fits in snugly. The coolest part about the straw, the lid has a little hook to bend the straw to keep from having spills!

These are available at many quick service locations around Fantasyland, and retail for $9.49 with which ever beverage you choose. As the sun went down a few of us were lucky enough to get our Olaf frozen slushes with glo cubes! I’m a sucker for any of the themed souvenir cups that come with my drink, top that with Olaf and I couldn’t resist this. This also gives me a great way to Rock My Disney Side by the pool this summer.

Are you as excited by Disney bringing out these little Frozen goodies as I am? I can’t wait for more!

Danielle Laroff

Danielle Laroff

Wife, Mommy to Caleb, full-fledged Disney Addict, Disney Food and Disney with Toddlers writer as well Graphic Artist and Custom Designer at Disney Deedles

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  1. Sounds yummy! I’d get it for the cup alone!

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