Doing Your Baby Shower—Mickey Style!

So far, you have followed me on my Disney Gender Reveal, so now let’s continue on to the baby shower. Of course I HAD to have a Disney themed one! And there raised the question, just how do you do a Disney themed baby shower without breaking the bank?

Well, let me help you with that. First thing, pick a theme for the nursery. That will get the ball rolling for your shower and you can plan from there. I picked Mickey Mouse for the nursery, with the classic colors black, red, yellow. Easy and simple enough.

Now I was not privy to all the details for my shower as my Mother In Law wanted to surprise me with certain things. But I was able to submit ideas of things that I wanted. Pinterest came in handy for lots of ideas and we actually used some for the shower!

Most of the decorations were made with my Mother In Law’s Silhouette Cameo machine, so all we had to do was buy cardstock, which comes pretty cheap. There were black, yellow and red Mickey heads everywhere!

We made Mickey Rice Krispy Treats. And let me give you a little tip, if you decide to do this, buy the sandwich cutter, not the cookie cutter. The cookie cutter is huge. So unless you want enormous Mickey Rice Krispy Treats the sandwich cutter is the way to go. You can purchase the sandwich cutter at the Disney Store here.  If you want the cookie cutter, you can also purchase it at the Disney Store here.

We also made the Watermelon Baby and added Mickey Ears to it, to give it a Disney twist. There was a Mickey diaper cake, Mickey heads to sign in on, instead of the normal sign in book.

There was a comment made that it looked like Mickey Mouse thew up all over the place, but for a Disney addict like myself, it was absolutely perfect! Was it time consuming getting all of these decorations done? Absolutely! Was it worth it? You betcha!

So my advice on planning a Disney themed baby shower? Start early, 2-3 months in advance, so you have time to gather materials and get everything ready ahead of time. You do not want to be rushing the day of the shower to get those last minute things done.

How many of you have had a Disney themed baby shower? I’d love to see the pictures and here how you made it all just perfect to welcome in your future Disney addict!



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