Gender Reveal, Disney World Style!


My husband and I had planned our Disney trip for May 13-20, 2014 and was almost done paying it off when life threw us a little curve ball. We found out that I was pregnant! Cancelling our trip was not even an option, so all of our plans stayed the same. I started figuring out how far along I would be while we were “home” and I would be 19 weeks. A stroke of genius hit me and I immediately decided that we would do our gender reveal at Disney World!

Now how in the world was I going to pull this off? I was able to find out the sex of the baby at 16 weeks, and again at 18 weeks. No doubts on this baby! I Googled and Googled Disney Gender Reveal and much to my surprise, there were very little on the subject. Surely I was not one of the few to think of this idea?

I thought of every scenario possible, but I did not want the gender reveal cake (cut into the cake and it’s pink or blue), I didn’t want the balloons in a box waiting to be released, I wanted to do something different. I wanted the characters at Disney to be involved. But how?

Thanks to the help of our Dear friends Ivon ( of Center of Magic) and David (of Daddy Digz Disney – shameless plug, haha)  and our wonderful Chase Disney Visa Debit Card, we were able to take advantage of the Disney Visa Character Meet & Greet in Epcot! The Cast Members were more than happy to help us! The characters that helped with the reveal were Minnie & Pluto. I secretly wanted Mickey, but by this point, I was ready to burst with the news! We handed Minnie a rattle, Pluto the baby ears and got into position for the pictures and shouted “IT’S A BOY!!!!!!” Finally, after weeks of keeping it a secret, we were able to yell it to the world. The pictures immediately made it to family first and then social media. We have gotten so many comments on our gender reveal that it makes me beyond thrilled that we were able to keep quiet for a few weeks and it made our gender reveal that much more special.

We are now currently planning our next trip to Disney World when our baby boy will turn 1 and what’s the Best way to raise a Disney addict? Starting early!

Would  you/ or have you done a gender reveal at a Disney Park? Share it with us. 🙂

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  1. This article that Joni LeBouef put up is very exciting & full of laughter plus tears of how she worded it with everything actually. Not many people would/could have the change to do something like this. As Joni mentioned some have baby reveal parties or balloons in a box to be released to see if it’s boy or girl plus of course BABYSHOWER’S also, but Joni & Joe LeBouef done it different plus included their lil pride & joy (BOY) Joe LeBouef Jr “Joey” into the family with this trip. I was excited to see all the pics that was getting posted up. Now I remind u that Joni & I have been close bestfriends for 5yrs & we still are close. So im glad they done a memorable dream like this. Love ya Joni & Joe LeBouef! CONGRATS ON THE BABY BOY!

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