How to Have a Magical Flight with Your Toddler

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Scared to take a toddler on a plane ride to Disney World? I feel you! I was there myself, not too long ago! So I’m here to give you some tips and tricks on flying with a toddler.

If you are flying to Disney, or anywhere, pack snacks. Lots of snacks. My son ate almost the entire flight to Orlando, and it was only a hour and a half flight! You can buy juice, water or milk once you pass TSA, so just buy it there to avoid any conflict while in the security check points.

Speaking of security, if you are flying solo, like I was, you will be able to carry your child during the security checkpoints. They will never take your baby from your arms or make you put him/her down to check you in.

Toys. Pack toys. Books, trucks, dolls, stickers and a sticker book. Nothing that can appear as a weapon, or TSA will take it from you and you will never see it again. Books worked wonders for us. Just pack a few, unless you want to read the same book over and over for the duration of your flight.

Change of clothes for yourself and your child. Speaking from experience, you will need both. My son managed to leak through his diaper and onto my shirt. I had extra clothes for him, but none for me. Nothing like walking around MCO in a pee smelling shirt.

Tablet. Unless you pay for In-Flight WiFi, all electronic devices must be off or on airplane mode. So download games or movies that will allow you to play or watch without WiFi. Also, make sure the tablet is fully charged up for the flight.

I also bought my son a child safety harness for him to walk around the airport safely (and we can also use it at Disney when he is tired of sitting around in the stroller, double win!) and I don’t have to run too much after him. He loved the freedom to roam around a new place, and I love that he was still safe and not in my arms, killing my back in the process. I found this Monster’s Inc inspired one on Amazon, that also doubles as a backpack. It’s so cute!!!! It sells for $16.99 on Amazon and it is worth every single penny!


Have all paperwork handy. If you are flying with a child under the age of 2, they fly free. But you will have to show his/her birth certificate to prove your child’s age. I kept it in the outside pocket of my carry-on, which was filled with diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, tablet, books. Once we had all checked in, I put it in the inside zipper pocket so I wouldn’t lose it or have it get stolen. If they are 2 or older, you will have to purchase a plane ticket for them, and I found the best Mickey Mouse FAA approved car seat!

Relax, breathe. While I was stressing out about flying with my son, a dear friend of mine told me not to worry about people on the flight, don’t worry if your toddler has a meltdown of epic proportions. You will never see these people again in your life. So just enjoy the flight, as much as you possibly can. It won’t last forever and once you have landed, you can look forward to the wonderful vacation you have planned! You can do this, I promise!

Do you have any tips or tricks I may have missed? Let me know!!!

See you real soon!
Joni ºOº



Wife, mama of 4 and Annual Passholders to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando. My family and I made the move from South Louisiana to Central Florida 3 years ago and never looked back! My children’s ages range from 19 to 5, and the theme parks in the Central Florida area has something for all age groups. We are looking forward to adding Legoland Florida Annual Passes soon!

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