Let Me Introduce you to the Newest Disney Princess

Her name is Princess Elena of Avalor, she will appear in an episode of “Sofia the First” in 2016. While it is always enchanting to learn of a new addition to the Disney Princess line up, with the addition of Elena fans will have their first latina princess.

After guest starring on “Sofia the First,” Princess Elena of Avalor will later get her own spinoff series on Disney Jr.

Elena is “a confident and compassionate teenager in an enchanted fairy-tale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore,” the network said in a statement.

Aimee Carrero from ABC Family’s “Young & Hungry” will provide the voice of Elena, whose backstory is connected to the magical amulet Sofia wears. Sofia’s stepfather, King Roland- the king of Enchancia, gave it to her in the series’ first episode and told her never to take it off.

When the young princess is in trouble or needs guidance in tough situations, the amulet summons other Disney princesses — like Jasmine and Mulan —to help her understand how to overcome these obstacles. The amulet also gives her the power to talk to animals like her best friend Clover.

In the episode featuring Elena, Sofia learns that the girl was imprisoned in the amulet decades ago by an evil sorceress while trying to protect her little sister. Sofia “discovers the truth … and sets out to restore Elena to her human form and help her return to the kingdom of Avalor,” says Disney.

With a preschool daughter and son at home I know we will be watching, will you?


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