Mickey Check on Disney Cruise Line

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Healthier menu choices are being given to children sailing with Disney Cruise Line. Disney is committed to making healthy living easier and fun for families so Mickey Check meals are being offered in rotational dining onboard all the Disney Cruise Line Fleet.

In order for food to receive the Mickey Check, they have to meet Disney Nutrition Guidelines for calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar. The guidelines were given by leading child health experts and align to best-in-class dietary guideline recommendations. The Mickey Check meal would include three or more nutritious food groups like vegetable, whole grains, lean protein and has limited added sugar and zero trans fats.

Ozer Balli, vice president of Hotel Operations for Disney Cruise Line said, “More and more families are looking for healthier options when they travel, and with Mickey Check, we’ve made it easy for them to identify these choices on our menus. Disney is known for exceptional, innovative and fun dining experiences at its parks and resorts around the world. And dining aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship delivers on the trust, quality and promise guests expect. Now, with the Mickey Check, our expert chefs are taking healthy food and making it fun and delicious for our youngest guests.”.

Disney Parks and Disney Cruise line offer so many different dining options and experiences. Even quick dining is an experience in some places. There is something for everyone’s pallet while in park or on ship. Disney dining is like no other.

Mickey Check is used at multiple locations in Walt Disney World and Disney land as well as Disney licensed food products sold in local stores. They are also used on qualifying recipes on Disney.com. For more information about Mickey Check and the Magic of Healthy Living visit Disneymickeycheck.com

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