New Infinity Falls Opening Summer 2018 at SeaWorld Orlando

The big day is almost here.. As construction is almost done, the highly anticipated new attraction Infinity Falls will be opening this summer at SeaWorld Orlando as it prominently takes its place in the Orlando skyline.

The record-breaking new attraction was “topped off” over the weekend as cranes lifted the final piece of the rides iconic blue and gray tower into place. The whimsical tower structure, blending modern architecture with ancient ruins, reaches a height of 67 feet and surrounds the attractions unique vertical lift. The 41-ton steel tower, made up of 10 pre-fabricated segments, took crews five nights to install. When it opens, Infinity Falls will feature the world’s tallest drop on a river raft ride.

The new attraction brings the thrill of white-water rafting into a new experience the family can enjoy together. Aboard the rides 8-passenger circular rafts, riders will embark on an adventure through a lush rainforest environment inspired by some of the world’s most incredible freshwater ecosystems. The new attraction will feature dynamic drops and turns, interactive water elements, and allow visitors to experience the feel of exhilarating rapids. The ride will also feature an innovative vertical lift designed to transport the rafts to the top of the ride’s 40-foot drop in just over five seconds.

The new attraction will be the centerpiece of a newly themed area designed to resemble the base camp of explorers and scientists. After riding Infinity Falls, the entire family can explore the base camp and take part in interactive experiences that combine play with education to create a positive impact on freshwater ecosystems, reinforcing “Park to Planet” in real time, a mission to help guests understand some of the challenges facing the planet and inspiring them to help.

SeaWorld Orlando Pass Members can be among the first to ride Infinity Falls when it opens. The park plans to announce an opening date in the coming weeks. Right now, Florida residents can purchase a SeaWorld Orlando 1 Year Annual Pass for less than $15 per month with EZpay and get the All-Day Dining Deal for one visit this summer. **Dining Deal Offer Must be purchase by July 23rd, 2018 and must be redeemed by August 12th, 2018.**

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