Our Car Vending Machine Experience at Carvana Orlando

Yup! We bought a car from a vending machine, you read right. 

Let me first start off by saying that this article is not a paid or sponsored post. All the information in this article is voluntary. We just wanted to share our great experience and hope that it can help someone else that might be in the same situation we were in at the time of this article.

Here in Central Florida, we have a car vending machine where customers can go online and purchase a car and they can either have it delivered right to your home, or you can go pick it up at the car vending machine. 

The company’s name is Carvana. Founded in November 2013 in Tempe Arizona, Carvana is a used car retailer that operates online and allows you to shop the car you are looking for in the comfort of your home. You can apply for financing, pay cash or use a third-party financial institution to purchase your car. They even take trade-ins. 

Carvana’s website is very thorough, every vehicle goes through a 150 point inspection and they show you a 360-degree view of the vehicles inside and out including the motor, point out if the vehicles have any blemishes, scratches, wear and tear and give you all the details of the accessories that come included. Every vehicle also has a CarFax so you can see the history of the vehicle as well. 

That’s a little info about the company, now to tell you about our experience. I will start off by saying that from beginning to end everything was just amazing. We came across Carvana from a sponsored post on social media followed by a commercial ad on Youtube and that got our gears turning.

See the back story is our old car kicked the bucket a few months ago and we had been borrowing a friends car for a little over 5 months till we were able to get our new car, so when we saw the ad for Carvana, needless to say, we had to look into it. 

At first, of course, we were skeptical, buying a car online, how?! You can’t inspect the car, test drive it and really know as they say, what you’re getting into… but as we went on the site and looked around and did some research we found ourselves shopping. The first step we did was register and get pre-approved. Once we knew our financing options we started browsing their inventory. Next thing you know, we were buying a car. 

Looking at the 360-degree view inside and out of the car, and all the info, specs, and history gave us a sense of reassurance. Also knowing that they have a 7 Day Return Policy and you get to Test Drive the car even before you take it off the lot and can reject it on the spot gave us an even bigger sense of relief. Any questions we had we were able to chat online with a Carvana advocate or talk to them by phone and every single advocate we spoke or interacted with was just amazing. You can actually hear the smile in their voices. Not once did we ever feel rushed. They were courteous, professional, super-nice, very comforting, answered all our questions and concerns and made sure we were completely set before ending our conversation. 

I have worked customer service for over 20+ years and can truly tell you that the experience we had with the Carvana advocates was by far the best experience I have ever had with a company. I can go as fas as saying that more companies can take a lesson from their customer service team and implement their training. Truly Fantastic! 

Our process took us from beginning to end about 6 days, but not everyone’s process will be the same, can be shorter, or perhaps longer, ours just happened to be that because we started on a Sunday, the following Monday was Columbus Day and the banks were closed and one of the verification processes couldn’t get completed, so that delayed us, but after that, it was smooth sailing and we picked up our car the following Saturday.

Even though at the time we purchased our car from Carvana we did not have a car to get around, and should have chosen the delivery option, we opted for the vending machine pick-up, because honestly, who doesn’t want to tap into their inner child and experience a giant car vending machine?  So we asked a friend to take us and they were more than happy to help as he too was excited to check out the vending machine. 

Now sadly the day we went to Carvana Orlando the vending machine was down so we weren’t able to experience the vending machine in action and that was a bit disappointing, but immediately our sadness was washed away not only because of the great customer service we received by our advocate William but by seeing the car we purchased in person for the first time. When we saw “Genie” (doesn’t everyone name their car) lol… We were completely amazed. It looked and even smelled like a brand new car. We purchased a used 2014 Ford Fiesta, but oh my goodness, the car looks like a brand new 2019 car. William gave us the keys and told us to take the car for a test drive, if we weren’t happy with the car at that time we could have just rejected the car and canceled our purchase right then and there, but again, we were very pleased with the car. It drove just like a new car. So when we got back from the test drive it was time to sign on the dotted line and take Genie home. 

Again, we weren’t rushed at any point, after a little chit chat, we went over the paperwork, signed on the dotted line and we were free to go. We were given some free promotional items like 2 Carvana key rings, a tumbler and we got to take a vending machine token home as well even though we didn’t get to use the machine. I have to say, it was really a Wonderful experience. 

Now we do have to tell you, we did know that Carvana had a referral program, but we did not know the extent of how great their referral program is. Not only does the referral program help current customers get credits that we can use to apply towards car payments or even the purchase of another vehicle, but the person using our referral link also gets credit towards the purchase of their own car and they also donate credits to the Carpool Program. The Carvana Carpool Program helps donate vehicles to a person or family in need. For every person that uses our referral link and purchases a car through Carvana, a $200 credit will go towards our referral account, you will get $200 taken off your purchase and Carvana will donate $100 towards the Carpool Program. Is that not Fantastic?! What a show of goodwill and a great way to pay it forward. Going through the situation that we went through, this truly touched our hearts and made our decision to use Carvana even more meaningful. 

We honestly can’t say enough how happy we are with our experience with Carvana and we really do recommend them. 

If you would like to use our referral link, we would truly appreciate it. If not for us, more so to help a person or family in need. That would truly mean the world to us.  https://www.carvana.com/referral/David-Pedraza-FL

We also have a video of our experience that we hope you enjoy and share. 

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