Pirates is Down for the Summer

Headed to Walt Disney World this summer? I sure hope your heart was not set on riding Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom. I have found out that it will be out of operation from May 11 to Sept. 25.

Disney says the ride is undergoing a routine refurbishment. I have heard many complaints that things were starting to breakdown on the attraction, such as animatronics and boats taking on water. Because the bottom part of the building is a pool, it all has to be drained and made waterproof. So you are looking at draining, cleaning, letting it dry out completely and then refilling it. I have to admit, it is a bit strange that they have decided to shut it down for the summer, when Walt Disney World is crazy busy.

Disney did say that the upgrades are not safety related. Pirates made national news last year when a tourist lost his fingertips on the ride and a boy’s fingers were lacerated. The last time Pirates was closed down was nearly 10 years ago when they decided to add in the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And we will always be thankful for that Captain Jack Sparrow at the end of the ride.

Will this have any effect on your family’s upcoming vacation to Walt Disney World? I know I would be upset if I had to miss it.

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