Toy Story Comes to Kingdom Hearts Union Cross

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross Toy Story Land Event

With the opening of Toy Story Land, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross has released a fun new collaboration event with Disney to celebrate the opening of this amazing and fun new land!! This event includes new medals released for a limited time and a new quest released only for this month!

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is an online mobile game, where you can fight on your own or with friends and defeat dark creatures called Heartless to save many worlds. It features many of your favorite movies such as: Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and more!

The medals they have released include: Prime – Woody, Prime – Buzz Lightyear, which can be obtained from the limited time banner located in the shop section of the game which is available this month. As well Jessie, with her friends Hamm and Rex that can be obtained in the brand new quest located in the events section that is also available for this month only.

Prime – Woody and Prime – Buzz Lightyear can be guaranteed after drawing from the limited time banner 5 times, but if you are lucky you can get them before the 5th draw. Each draw for the Prime – Woody and Prime – Buzz Lightyear gives you a guaranteed 6 Star version of the medal, with the 7 Star version being guaranteed in the 5th draw.

Logging into the mobile app everyday can also give you a free boost for your Toy Story medals so they can become even stronger!

For more information on the collaboration event and future events, you can visit the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross page on Twitter 

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